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Causes of Ear Pressure

 348 Budfield Street814.262.3950651 S. Center Avenue Suite 201814.443.4500Johnstown | 814.262.3950 Somerset |  814.443.4500  NewsEar pressure, sometimes known as ear barotrauma or ear congestion, is an annoying sensation that most people experience at some point in...

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How to Get Relief From Ringing of the Ears

 348 Budfield Street814.262.3950651 S. Center Avenue Suite 201814.443.4500Johnstown | 814.262.3950 Somerset |  814.443.4500  NewsIf you’ve experienced ringing of the ears, it’s likely not helpful to know that it is a common occurrence for a large number of people....

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Study Examines SNHL Treatment Using Umbilical Cord Blood

CBR® (Cord Blood Registry®), the world’s largest newborn stem cell company, has announced the publication of the results of the first clinical trial evaluating the use of autologous umbilical cord blood in children with acquired sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).

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Oxygen Therapy May Help Sudden Hearing Loss

Viruses and blood flow issues can, in rare cases, trigger sudden and profound hearing loss. Now, South Korean research supports the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatments to restore hearing in these patients.

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Could Overactive Nerves Cause Tinnitus?

Do your ears ring after a loud concert? Nerves that sense touch in your face and neck may be behind the racket in your brain, University of Michigan researchers say. Touch-sensing nerve cells step up their activity in the brain after hearing cells are damaged, a study by U-M Kresge Hearing Research Institute scientists shows.

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